Saturday, May 9, 2009

school memories - suhas katti

Since past few weeks ; i have been reconnecting with my friends from school days.. It has been more than a decade since i last met them.. Thanks to the wonderful tool called Internet; reconnecting with people who used to be a part of my teen life has been easy. Meeting them was like a trip down the memory lane.. adolescence crushes; birthday parties, classroom mischiefs, school picnics and other pleasant memories came out unleashed.. It struck me that in this mad rat race quest to achieve wealth & success; we often fail to realise the little pleasures of life...
suhas katti
PS: The guy in the top row (8th from the left) is me. This is my IInd class pic.Hard to believe i had a huge mop of hair :)


  1. Don't feel so sad about your lost hair Suhas sir
    Every person will shed some or more of their hairs once they reach the middle age of life's highway.
    So chill and enjoy life yaar
    You have other qualities in you which makes you different from others
    You are witty, clever, always ready to guide who need guidance, little stingy but ok like when it comes to spending money on friends and foods. (:
    Last but not the least angry and revengeful when something goes bad with you.
    Well it's in the nature of human beings specially men to get angry soon
    I would say it's in their blood to get angry
    so chill Suhas
    And as per my brains i think you believe in the policy
    Enemy's enemy is your friend ( i also believe in this strategy)
    Samajne wale ko ishara kaafi hain.....
    Take care buddy
    God bless u

  2. Nice words on your blog..Keep up the good work Suhas