Thursday, January 16, 2014

Trip down the memory lane - Old pics of Bombay aka Mumbai

Came across these magnificant old Bombay [ not Mumbai !! ] pics. Can you ever imagine VT station looking like this or a bird's eye view of Flora Fountain [ not Hutamata chowk !!!]. Check out Churchgate station.. It was just a shed back in 1910's.. Its pretty sad to see VT- Flora Fountain - Colaba stretch with its heritage buildings being totally defaced & neglected & over run with huge population; who have " no time to stand & stare" - as in the poem learnt in school !

VT Station minus the defacement, posters & the trash !!

Churchgate Station - 1910s

Colaba station [yes !! there was a railway station back then; before it was demolished ] or is it Churchgate station ??

Can you ever imagine that this Flora Fountain ?????