Thursday, January 14, 2010

my poems - suhas katti

Hey everybody...
I was going thru my old files & came across my amateurish attempts in writing poetry.

The below poem was written; while waiting for a friend on a date..This was written as a dedication to her. The person is long gone & was spared the agony of being in a relationship with me !! :)

Ever since I met you;
you've cured my blues.
you set my heart on fire;
you are the woman I desire....

Time weighs heavy on my mind,
when you are away from me
That I pine for your return any one can see,
Oh dear !! come back soon;
release me from my gloom .....

Being a typical Geminian; one of my weak points is that i get bored real fast & this makes me restless & fidgety.During one such moments,the below poem was created.
Travel is something that i really enjoy..

Give me life ; Give me freedom ..
Unshackle me from these chains of boredom,
I wish to fly ; fly in the deep blue skies,
exploring the world to my heart's desire,
oh Lord ! Put an end to my discontent !! Let me fly to my hearts content !!

suhas katti

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