Thursday, July 3, 2014

A peek in to Seven Bungalows history !!!

Came across a blog on history of good ol' 7 Bungalows and a superb aerial shot. Read on to get an insight in to history of 7 Bungalows and compare it with its present day avatar of the trendy upmarket area !!

The round seven bungalows garden-named 'DN garden' in memory of Dadabhoy Nawroji's bungalow which was near, can be seen as a round lake - the present day 'nana nani' park(which was built later in 1990's) was a long line of coconut trees (seen as 3 lines of coconut trees) in front of the bungalows.

The huts near the lake (now garden) were occupied by East Indian Christians. Salt pans (to the right) and tidal area were covered by high tide up to 4 bungalows.
The two isolated huts seen in front of the lake near the salt pan were later in 1980 bought by Raheja builders and made into Spring Leaf society where the present day Costa Coffee restaurant is now.

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